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S-38.4030 Postgraduate Course on Networking Technology (5-15 ECTS) P

Fall 2007 topic will be End-to-End Ethernet - Post-IP networking (r)evolution.

Course Topic: In the course we will deal with advanced topics on networking, such as routing (static, dynamic and optimal), dimensioning,  overload control, signaling and services. Main interest areas are in broadband networks and in particular in the internet, but we also deal with circuit switched networks and interoperability between networks. The detailed topic will be specified separately for each semester, see above.

Status of the course: Postgraduate course on Networking Technology can be included in post-graduate studies on Networking Technology (major or minor in S38). The credits can also be included in graduate studies on Networking Technology.

To whom: The course is primarily meant for post-graduate students of networking technology having a special intrest in understanding the performance analysis of routing, dimensioning, networking mechanisms, algorithms, signaling, service architectures and interoperability in telecommunications networks. Others having similar intrests are of course equally welcome.

Course completion: The course will be arranged as a seminar. For the detailed information concerning the requirements, see the course description of the respective semester given below.

Credits: This course will give you 5-15 ECTS credit points depending on the final scope of the course and a successful completion of the course requirements.

Previously, the course (and its predecessors) has covered for example the following topics:

Spring 2007 topic was Anomaly Detection in the Internet.
Autumn 2006 topic was Autonomous Networking in radio access networks.
Spring 2006 topic was  Autonomic Communication and the Knowledge Plane
Spring 2005 topic was  IPv6, Mobility and Alternatives.
Spring 2004 topic was Current Topics in IP Networks.

Fall 2003 topic was Peer-to-peer and Spam in the Internet.
Spring 2003 topic was Dissertations on Networking.
Spring 2002 topic was Ad Hoc Networking

This course replaces S-38.030 Postgraduate Course on Telecommunication Technology.

Prior to S38.030 the seminar carried code S38.130 and you can find material related to the past 38.130 courses here:

Networking laboratory is now part of Department of Communications and Networking. Content on this page may be obsolete.

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