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S-38.118 Principles of Telecommunications Technology (3 cr)

Principles of Telecommunications Technology is a 3 credit unit course lectured in the Fall term. The course is a follow-up course to the spring course S-38.105. The scope includes e.g. data networks, basic transfer techniques, switching, services and service architectures, network modeling and routing, and teletraffic theory.

The course lectures and exercises are given in Finnish, but the material will be in English, and it is thus possible to take the course in English. In addition to the final exam based on the lectures and exercises, completing the course requires attendance to the excursion, to take place in October, November or December, and the successful completion of a group assignment.

Please check regularly the course schedule, as it is prone to changes.

Course requirements

More information concerning the course will be given during the first lecture. Foreign students, who do not attend the Finnish lectures, should make sure that they attend the group assignment lecture, where information on the assignments and on forming the groups is given. It is highly recommended that foreign and Finnish students form assignment groups together, for this purpose and other practical matters all students should attend the assignment lecture on 19.9.

To pass the course you must complete the following four requirements:

The given four requirements for the Fall 2000 course must be completed before the course is lectured again in Fall 2001.

There is also a possibility to earn extra points that may affect the final grade by completing homeworks given out during the exercise classes .

Miscalleneous Information

Information concerning the course will be posted electronically, either on the web pages or by E-mail. It is therefore recommended that in addition to enrolling to the course by TOPI, you send E-mail to who will take care of informing the foreign students on news concerning the course.

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