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S-38.118 Excursion to Telegalleria Fall 2000

The excursion to Telegalleria is a mandatory requirement for completing the course. An English tour will be organized on Friday, 27th October at 9-10.30.

Telegalleria is in Helsinki, near the Pasila railway station. The easiest way to go there is by bus number 505. Jump of the bus on Teollisuuskatu (about 4-5 stops after the Pasila railway station). The street address of the gallery is Elimäenkatu 9A [see map]. The bus drives along the Teollisuuskatu from east to west (left to right on the map).

For those of you who live in Otaniemi, or prefer to go to Telegalleria together with the assistant Mari Sipilä [], you can join here to go together by bus from Otaniemi. We will meet at the bus stop at Otaniementie, opposite the main library at 8.10. Please sign up using TOPI or send e-mail to Mari Sipilä.

If you cannot attend to the excursion, you can visit the gallery on your own. In this case remember to ask the Telegalleria personnel a paper that proofs your visit to the exhibition, and return it to the course mail box (G-wing, 2nd floor, under the information board).

For more information about the Telegalleria exhibition, see Telegalleria's web pages.

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