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S-38.118 Schedule for Fall 2000

The course is lectured during the Fall term. The lectures and exercises are in Finnish, but material will be provided in English. The lectures are on tuesdays at 14-16 in hall S5 and wednesdays at 12-14 in hall S3. On some weeks the other lecture time is reserved for exercise classes

The schedule is being updated to English, be patient.

13.9.Lecture: Introductory lecture. [MI]
19.9.Lecture: Group assignment information lecture: Forming of groups for the web assignment and dealing out the assignments. All students (also non-Finnish) are required to attend! [KV, ES]
20.9.Lecture: Phone networks, their architecture and numbering (prerequisite for S-38.110) [RK]
26.9.Lecture: Transmission media and synchronization. [ML]
27.9.Exercise: Trasmission media, synchronization (decibels, Shannon, attenuation budget, synchronization).
Deadline for enrolling to the course!

3.10.Lecture: Telephone exchanges (prerequisite for 110) [RK]
4.10.Exercise: Phone networks(BHCA, dimensioning of a processor etc.)
10.10.Lecture: Packet networks I: basics, transmission technologies, synchronization, addressing (prerequisite for S-38.188). [MP, ML, MI]
11.10.Exercise: Packet networks (Ratio between packet overhead and data, compressing etc.)
17.10.Lecture: Packet networks II: security, network management, billing (prerequisite for 188) [MP, ML, MI]
18.10.Lecture: Mobile networks (GSM, UMTS, GPRS, Wireless LAN and on the otherhand Mobile IP). Managing mobility. [RK]
24.10.Lecture: Protocoll design (prerequisite for Prof. Jormakka's courses). [JJ]
25.10.Exercise:Protocoll design
31.10. Lecture: Teletraffic theory (prerequisite for S-38.145). Bursty and non-bursty traffic, the transition from telephone traffic to data traffic. The history of traffic theory. Why is traffic theory needed and where is its use suited. Basics of modeling. [SA]

1.11.Exercise:Teletraffic theory. [EN]
7.11.Lecture: Billing (PSTN and Internet). Telecommunications policy and competition. [SU]
8.11.Exercise: Billing (Phone and data network) [MI]
21.11.Lecture: Services in communications networks (prerequisite for Prof. Jormakka's course) [JJ]
22.11Lecture: Network management (TMN etc.) Why is network management needed? [JJ]
28.11Lecture: PSTN/IP-convergence. [RK] Panel discussion on the future of telecommunications networks [RK, JJ, JV, MI]
29.11.Exercise: Eeva's homework problems reviewed [EN]

4.12.Exam First Exam. Enroll using topi!
5.12.Exercise: Mika's homework problems reviewed [MI]
7.12.DL D-line for group assignments at 24.00.
18.12.Exam Second Exam. Enroll using topi!
Note. You can only attend (and enroll) to either one of the exams in December

VT Possibility to appeal against the Exam verdict.
11.1.Tentti First retake exam. (Date may change).

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