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Exercises, Fall 2000

The course material (and thus the exam requirements) consists of lectures and exercises. By solving homework exercises you may earn additional points, which will be added to your exam score. The assistants Eeva Nyberg ( and Mika Ilvesmäki are in charge of the exercise classes. The exercises are not mandatory, but at least one exam question will be based on the exercises. The first exercise class will be on Wednesday 27.9.2000. Please see the schedule for more information on the time and place of the exercise classes.

The exercise classes are held in Finnish, but at least all the homework problems will be translated to English. The assistants will try to translate also the answers to the questions in English, but at this point we are not able to promise anything definite.

The exercises consist of few (2-3) demonstration problems, which will be solved by the assistant in exercise class. After the demonstration problems, the students may stay in class and work on their homework problems, which are due in a week or by the start of the next exercise class. The assistant will stay in the room and provide assistance if necessary. Even though the class will be held in Finnish. Non-Finnish students can come to the class and ask questions after the demonstration exercises are over.

The homework should be returned within a week or by the start of the next exercise class to the course homework box situated under the course notice board. The notice boards are in the G-wing, 2nd floor (same floor as the cafeteria).

The exercise problems will appear on this page (and only here) latest the day before the exercise class.

The assistants do not have the resources to translate all problems into English. The homework problems are always translated, but other problems and answers may not be. Please refer to the Finnish page if interested in the other problems, and in the answers ("vastaukset" or "mallivastaukset") to the exercises.

Exercise class 27.9. 12-14, S3

Exercise class 4.10. 12-14, S3

Exercise class 11.10. 12-14, S3

Exercise class 25.10. 12-14, S3

Exercise class 1.11. 12-14, S3

Exercise class 8.11. 12-14, S3

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