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1. Introduction

As described in the preface, the first study year of the new team is over and the laboratory is settling in to a more stable phase of development.

1.1 General

The re-modelling of the laboratory premises has continued. The combined library-kitchen-meeting room was implemented already in the fall of 1996, and it has been followed by reshaping office space to fit more people more comfortably - the lack of office space is a constant problem in the department. The new teaching laboratory is currently being constructed.

The past, present, and future of the broadband networks and their traffic theory were revealed by Jorma Virtamo's inauguration lecture in April 22, 1997, entitled `The challenges of the traffic management of broadband networks'.

1.2 Research

The research has been growing in 3 main directions: ATM networks and their traffic theory, signal processing for mobile communications, and Internet-based switching and speech transmission. Research contacts have been active both to Finnish and foreign colleagues. Two visiting researchers, David Vazquez from Universidad de La Coruna and Jose Apolinario from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro spent several months with us in cooperative projects.

1.3 Teaching

Several new important steps have been taken in the development of the teaching. The co-ordination of the curriculum between us and the Laboratory of Communications was implemented in the Study Programme of 1997-98, with the introduction of 5 main study paths the courses of which are produced in co-operation. The work continues on redesigning the basic studies to better meet the needs of a modern communication engineer.

A new position, Specialist teacher, was created to better enable high-quality teaching in the basic communications courses offered by the laboratory. A long-time member of the staff, Lic. Tech. Seppo Uusitupa was appointed in the post.

A new studia generalia type course, Telecom Forum was established by Raimo Kantola where leading experts of the industry gave lectures of their vision of the future of the communication business and technology. The course was a great success not only among the students but also university personnel and participants from the industry.

Professors Paulo Diniz and Mariane Petraglia from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro gave a 2-week course on adaptive digital filters which was organized together with the Laboratory of Signal Processing and Computer Technology and the GETA Graduate School. More than 30 persons attended and passed the course.

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