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Annual report 1997


1997 was the first full year with the new professor team (Laakso started 1.7.1996, Kantola 1.9.96, and Virtamo 1.1.97). Strategies were written, teaching was co-ordinated together with the Communications laboratory and weekly meeting routines were established. In addition to professors, also the research and teaching personnel has kept growing steadily. 11 new members of staff joined the laboratory in 1997, which has kept the laboratory fresh and active.

In this rapidly changing world, the traditions have also been remembered. Laboratory of Telecommunications Technology is one of the oldest in the department, founded in 1943. The rich traditions have accumulated lots of equipment in the storage spaces, and all this was carefully inventoried by members of the Telesenior Club, consisting of old students of the laboratory. Based on this inventory, part of the equipment were decided to be kept in the laboratory, whereas other devices were donated to the Finnish Museum of Technology in Helsinki and the Military Communications Museum in Riihimäki.

The inventory and relocation of the old equipment has paved the way to a new teaching laboratory. A Master's Thesis was completed about how the laboratory teaching has developed in the past 50 years and what should be taught in the future. Based on the conclusions of the thesis, plans were devised and the new laboratory with new desks and up-to-date equipment is currently in the making.

In 1997, contacts to the telecommunication industry were by visits to several companies, including Helsinki Telephone Company Research Center, Finnish Telecom, Nokia Research Center, and Finnish Broadcasting Corporation. The round will continue in 1998. We are grateful for the support of the companies and hope that good cooperation will continue in future years.

Timo Laakso

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