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The course requirements

To pass the course

To pass the course you'll have to:

Web assignment

There will be more information about this on the assignment lecture on Wednesday 22nd at 8 a.m. in lecture hall S1. Be there to get yourself a group! You can also send email to the assistant ( even before that, since quite a few Finnish students have already told that they wish to do the work in an international group.

The assignment topics will be presented on Wednesday, and they must be applied for by email before Friday 24th. Each group may wish for three different topics. The aim of this is to make sure that every group gets a topic they like.

The deadline of the assignment is Monday 15th November. For more details ask your Finnish group mates.


The excursion(s) to Telegalleria exhibition will take place in November. There will be one group with an English-language guide. Use Topi to enroll. (See excursion page for more information)


The examination will be based on the course book (and calculation exercises). (See also last years exam hints.) There are two examination days this autumn: Monday 29th November and Friday 10th December. You can attend to one of them, not both. Use Topi to enroll.

Optional calculation exercises

The calculation exercises are optional, and if correctly solved will give you extra points. The problems and answers will be put to the web. For more information contact Eeva and Mika.


The final grade can be calculated according to the following formula:

total = (xq)*(4*assignment*1/3 + exam*2/3 + calculation exercises) = 0...27 points

The calculation exercises are optional and will give max. 3 points. The grades will be:

Total Grade
0...11 0
12...13 1
14...16 2
17...19 3
20...22 4
23...24 5

For more information about grading contact the lecturer Seppo Uusitupa.

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