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Will WAP Flop?

WAP services


WAP as a technique

WAP services Competition



The WAP services provided can be categorized in the following groups:
  1. Business: from business point of view, WAP provide connection to cooperation's Intranet. It also gives chance for the users to view other business and financial information such as stock market situation, jobs on the net etc.
  2. News: Mobile users and view the latest news on the Mobile thanks to WAP.
  3. Education: there are some education pages like "everyday English" with short yet educating information. Of course, mobile users can access to some school's site and view some useful information.
  4. Travel: when people are traveling WAP might be very handy. Users can view the information about the place that they are right now, seeking tourists guide etc.
  5. Entertainment: WAP brings lot more entertaining facilities to customers' mobiles. For example, it provides many new games, enables users to chat through mobile phones.
  6. Other: WAP will provide the access to other information like health services, latest sports news etc.

Humberto Granados Sánchez
Yan Li
Leena Pohja

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