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Will WAP Flop?



WAP as a technique

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In order to view the WAP page, a mobile device which supports WAP protocol is needed (e.g. Nokia 7110). In the market, a WAP phone would now cost around 2500 FIM (Finnish Marks) minimum. Other devices, like pagers, smartphones and communicators can also be used to access WAP services but generally they are more expensive than mobile phones.

The use of WAP services is charged according to the same principle as using a modem connection to access Internet. There are cost for connection set up and charges depending on the "on-line" time.

For example, the Finnish operator Sonera charges 0.68 FIM for the connection setup and 0.99 FIM per minute for using the connection. The cost remains the same regardless of the users location. So the price for WAP services is quite acceptable for most customers.

From the telecommunication industry and operator's point of view, they have to build up WAP gateways, make the connection work between users' terminal and WAP gateway as well as between WAP gateway and Internet server. For those companies who want to offer WAP services, WML compatible pages need to be implemented. They usually involve big projects and relatively high cost.

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