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Will WAP Flop?



WAP as a technique

WAP services Competition



From individual consumer's point of view, WAP provides very handy ways of living. By using WAP, users can access Internet content: check bus timetable, the stock market situation, look up yellow pages etc. from the mobile phone. Users can also access to their personal information such as email and calendar. Wireless access to corporation's Intranet as well as extranet is possible. Companies can provide new channel for their services or provide new services to mobile users.

The telecommunications industry avoids overlapping costs and investments thanks to the common, open platform and tool for wireless messaging.

Operators can differentiate themselves by launching new and intriguing services. Developers and content providers are able to access all protocols and carriers with one product.

WAP fun anywhere

WAP phone based access to the Internet provides fun anywhere. Photo by L.Pohja.

Humberto Granados Sánchez
Yan Li
Leena Pohja

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