DTN Code for ns-2 and ns-3

Last edited by Jani Lakkakorpi on Mar 25, 2015.

DTN Code for ns-2.35

DTN Code for ns-3.22

Old versions

Version Code Simulation campaign Documentation
ns-3.18 ns3dtn.tar.gz ns3dtn_campaign.tar.gz DTN_ns3-18.pdf
ns-3.17 ns3dtn.tar.gz ns3dtn_campaign.tar.gz DTN_ns3-17.pdf
ns-3.16 ns3dtn.tar.gz ns3dtn_campaign.tar.gz DTN_ns3-16.pdf
ns-3.15 ns3dtn.tar.gz ns3dtn_campaign.tar.gz DTN_ns3-15.pdf

Comparison of ns-2 and ns-3 DTN Code


Referring to our DTN Code

If you have used our ns-2 DTN code in your research, please use the MSWiM paper as the reference. For the ns-3 DTN code, please use the SPECTS paper.


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