I've always appreciated good pictures. I try to take some worthy pictures myself, but the more you start to understand photography, the more you realize that you really know nothing. :)

I'm a Canon user mylself. I currently use a 40D, although if I get rich some day (e.g. win the lottery), I'll move to a full frame body. ;) My current lenses include Canon EF 50/1,8, an EF-S 17-55/2,8 IS USM, and an EF 70-200/4,0 IS USM. This latter one is a really an unbelievable lens, horribly expensive, but well worth the investment. I do have a Canon EX-420 flash but I practically never use it - I hate how a flash destroys the original lighting in a picture no matter what you do.

Once I find the time, I will put on this page some of my favorite pictures. My typical targets are people and nature.