Python Overlay Network Graphical Simulator - PONGsim


PONGsim is a discrete-event simulator for simulating overlay networks such as those formed by peer-to-peer systems. The simulator is implemented in the Python language, which allows for rapid prototyping with less time spent on coding. The philosophy behind the choice of language is that coding and experimenting should be quick, while the running time of the simulation is less important (final simulations run over-night anyway). The PONGsim framework allows implementation of new applications for generating overlay topologies and for performing searching and index distribution. PONGsim includes an implementation of the Search/Index Link (SIL) model [1].



PONGsim is released under MIT license


PyDoc documentation


PONGsim v6.20 (march 2007) Download
PONGsim v7.50 (april 2007) Download
PONGsim v8.10 (may 2009) Download
PONGsim v8.50 (march 2010) Download


[1] B. F. Cooper and H. Garcia-Molina, “SIL: Modeling and Measuring Scalable Peer-to-Peer Search Networks”, in International Workshop on Databases, Information Systems and Peer-to-Peer Computing, 2003

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