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S-38.3042 Seminar on Networking Business (4 ECTS) L V

Autumn 2007

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Seminar theme: Internet and Regulation

New Internet technologies and services generate new types of regulatory challenges. The purpose of this seminar is to better understand the existing and future regulation of Internet broadly including wireline and wireless, access and content. Participants will take a given topic and initial source material, perform a small individual literature study, and then report findings in written and oral format. This seminar is mainly targeted to students majoring in telecom management or networking business, but other students are also welcome.


The autumn 2007 seminar is managed by professor Heikki Hämmäinen. Please contact the course assistant Antero Kivi for any immediate queries.


Please register via the TOPI system, or in case of trouble via e-mail.

Course completion

Course material

ICT Regulation Toolkit
Lecture slides of Mr. Olli Pitkänen

Seminar sessions

Seminar sessions will be organized in room D302, from Sep 24 until Oct 22 with the following schedule:

First session: Mon 24.9. at 15:15-17:15
Theory lecture: Wed 3.10. at 15:15-17:15
Seminar session: Mon 15.10. at at 15:15-18:15
Final exam: Mon 22.10. at at 15:15-18:15


Grading is done on a scale from 0 to 5.

Seminar paper + presentation (40% of grade)
Final exam (40% of grade)
Paper summaries (20% of grade)

List of topics

All topics focus on Internet-related services:

1. Regulatory Issues of International Roaming
2. Regulatory Issues of Mobile and Fixed VoIP
3. Content Regulation: Internet Search
4. Content Regulation: IP-Based TV
5. Content Regulation: User Location
6. Secondary Trading of Spectrum
7. Value of Spectrum
8. Net Neutrality


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