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Starting from the term 2005-2006 all the lectured courses are in ECTS. The course codes will be changed also. However, all the old courses (the courses in credit points) will have corresponding ones. In our lab there is one exception only. The old course 38.158 Protocol Design, Practical Assignment doesn't have a new corresponding course. In addition, we have a totally new course 38.3183 Internet Traffic Measurements and Measurement Analysis from the term 2005-2006 on.

Course S-38.108 Computer Architechtures is no longer lectured. It can be replaced with either S-72.423 Telecommunication Systems or T-110.300 Telecommunication s architechtures.
Spring 2003 two new courses were lectured S-38.115 Signalling Protocols (3 ov) ja S-38.165 Switching Technology (3 ov).
S-38.120 Telecommunications Switching Technology and S-38.165 replaces the old course S-38.164 Broadband Switching Technology.

Majors and Minors

The Networking lab offers three majors, which can also be studied as minors.
Networking Technology 2004-2005, 2003-2004, 2002-2003, 2001-2002. Networking techology major is meant for those interested in networks, transmission techniques and quality of service.
Teletraffic Theory 2004-2005, 2003-2004, 2002-2003, 2001-2002. In Teletraffic Theory the focus is on modelling and analysing networks and their performance.
Telecommunications Management 2004-2005, 2003-2004, 2002-2003, 2001-2002. Telecommunications Management is a major for those interested in the commercial aspects of telecommunications.

At course selection page all the removed courses can be found. If you are not sure which course you need to complete contact the study advisor.

Practical Advise

You need to register for all of our courses and exams in advance. If nothing else is mentioned use wwwTopi for registration. Register before two weeks of a course has passed. For exams you need to register at least a week in advance. Lack of registration may lead to disqualfication.

Late returns, if accepted, lead to reduction of the grade.

  • Deadline policy - what happens if you return your home assignment too late.

  • Assignments and other partial completions of a course are valid for a year from the beginning of the course, usually this means the time untill the course starts again. In special cases the course personel may accept older work, but this must be discussed with the personel.

    Assignments need to be self-written. Copying parts or a whole assignment is cheating resulting to failing the assignment. Also presenting results developed by someone else as your own is cheating, no matter how much the sentence stucture has been modified. The reason for failure is reported to the department office and if cheating is continued the results will be more severe. There's plenty of information about plagiarism and how to avoid it in the Internet, here's one page. How to avoid plagiarism?

    All the sources used in an assignment must be clearly marked. Quotations may be used but they must be clearly marked as such.

    There is an archive of old exams. Remember that the requirements of a course may have changed over the years.

    All courses are required to have at least two exams per year, though most courses will have four exams. Exam arrangements are coordinated by the departments student advisory office. The exams of this lab are collected to an exam list, but please check the validity of this information from the wwwTopi.

    The university's advise considering valuables during an exam.

    Wishes for summer exams are collected in May to lists by the student advisory office. A summer exam is arranged if there are enough people wanting to participate. (at least 10)

    Master's thesis:
    Advise on how to write your diploma thesis can be found here. Before starting your Master's thesis make sure that you have finished your special project if it is mandatory for you. Also if you choose to do it, complete it before starting the thesis.


    Contact the Study Advisor Mika Tarvainen (room SF202)
    The best way is to send e-mail to
    The contacts of the other teaching personel are listed at the personel page.

    First Aid:

    Networking laboratory is now part of Department of Communications and Networking. Content on this page may be obsolete.

    Check MyCourses for upto date information about cources.

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