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Quality of Service in Internet - Timetable

Last minute notices

26.10.2004Changed times of last two lectures
16.9.2004Order of architecture lessons are changed
15.9.2004Add third excerse group
1.9.2004This page opened. Material not yet available (timetable still subject to revisions)

Lecture and Exercise Schedule

Lecture days - Lecture hall S3 on Thursdays

The last two lectures start at 8:15 morning.

Exercise days - Maari-C

To be annouced: depends on number of students participating to the course.

Second halfterm begins on 25.10.2004.

DateLecture topicLecturerMaterialsOther
16.9.2004Lecture I: What and why QoS, Different flavours of QoSMarko Luomaslides 96K-
16.9.2004Lecture II: Mechanisms - Ingress traffic processingMarko Luomaslides 147K-
7.10.2004Lecture I: Architectures - Differentiated ServicesMarko Luomaslides 150K-
14.10.2004Lecture II: Measuring the netMarkus Peuhkurislides 70K

There is now three groups allocated for total 87 persons See table below for excerse times for each group.

WeekExercise topicLecturerMaterialsOther
39Exercise I: Introduction to NS2 and working environmentTimo Viipuri exercise, slides example.tcl
41Exercise II: MechanismsMarko Luomaintroduction, scripts, -
42Exercise III: Differentiated ServicesTimo Viipuri exercise, scripts, slides -
43Exercise IV: Integrated ServicesMika IlvesmäkiIntroduction and materials -
44Exercise V: Analyzing the network trafficMarkus Peuhkurimaterial check that you have 2004-10-25 version, AMP measurements info
45Exercise VI: TCP with ECNMarkus Peuhkuriinstructions, script,
Excerse times for each group
WeekGroup 1Group 2Group
39Wed 12-14Wed 14-16Wed 8-10
41Wed 10-12Wed 12-14Wed 8-10
42Wed 12-14Wed 14-16Wed 8-10
43Wed 12-14Wed 14-16Wed 9-11
44Tue 14-16Wed 14-16Mon 12-14
45Wed 10-12Wed 12-14Mon 12-14

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