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Identification in WWW services

Group exercise of s-38.118, group one
Jussi Ikäheimo & Wenpeng Zhou


The importance and popularity of services in the World Wide Web is growing. Services such as possibility to operate one's bank account through the Internet have gained more popularity. This raises the question of security. Could it be possible for someone to illicitly gain access to our bank accounts through the net? The computer cannot see our driver's license, so can the system make sure that access is not given to criminals? How can it be done? On the other hand, how can we know that the computer that receives our commands is really the bank´s computer?

The traditional aspects of network security are

  • Privacy (confidentiality)
  • Authenticity of message senders
  • Integrity of messages (altering of messages is detected)
  • Indisputability (sender cannot claim that he hasn't sent a message)
In this work we concentrate on the question of identificating the WWW service user and provider. Identification concerns the manner in which a user provides his unique identity to the system as well as authenticating this identity. The identity may be a name (e.g., first or last) or a number (e.g., account number). Authentication is the process of associating an individual with his unique identity, that is, the manner in which the individual establishes the validity of his claimed identity.

For identification to happen, the parties must first provide some identifying information to the system (the web). This is then processed and conveyed in the system. How is this done exactly? There are different schemes of authentication, on which several protocols are based. Real implementations then use the protocols. To understand the ideas, a quick look at cryptography is recommended.

[Can we trust
the internet?]
Figure: Also the authentication of a service is important. (Source JI)

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