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Introduction to GPRS -
General Packet Radio Service 
The evolution of the mobile networks is progressing from the existing second-generation mobile networks to the third generation of networks that are able to handle high-speed multimedia traffic. The migration path to the third generation (UMTS) is far from clear. There are several routes that may be taken as shown in the following picture.

[GSM migration paths]
Figure 1. GSM migration paths.

This and the other linked pages will be concentrating on the GSM migration point of GPRS (General Packet Radio Service)

The GPRS services will reflect the GSM services with an exception that the GPRS will have a tremendous transmission rate which will make a good impact in the most of the existing services and a possibility of introduction of new services as operators and users (business/private) appreciate the newly introduced technology.

Services such as the Internet, videoconferencing and on-line shopping will be as smooth as talking on the phone, moreover we'll be able to access these services whether we are at work, at home or travelling.

In the new information age, the mobile phone will deliver much than just voice calls. It will become a multi-media communications device, capable of sending and receiving graphic images and video.

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