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Instructions for M.Sc thesis work at Netlab

You can do your thesis project either in one of the research projects in the Netlab or while working for a company or an institution or while financing your work yourself.

A thesis project always starts with the definition of the topic and the research problem. This you shall do together with your supervisor. In the Netlab, thesis projects are supervised by the professors and docents in some cases.  The following table is meant to give you hints on whom to talk to on your topic and who would most likely be a suitable supervisor for your work.
Supervisor Topic Areas
ma Prof. Heikki Hämmäinen Networking business 
Telecommunications Management 
Network Economics 
Service provisioning business 
Developing business processes in a company
Prof. Jörg Ott Internet Protocols 
Network architectures
IP-based multimedia, SIP
Transport protocols
Delay-tolerant networking
Prof. Raimo Kantola
for updates see
Quality of Service 
Interworking and interoperability 
Networking technology 
(sencondly for Telecom Management topics)
Prof. Jorma Virtamo  Teletraffic theory
Performance evaluation, measurement and modeling
Quality of Service
Optical and other broadband technologies
Docent Kalevi Kilkki
(NB. mainly works for NRC)
Quality of Service 
Teletraffic theory 
Traffic measurements
Docent Pertti Raatikainen
(NB: mainly works for VTT)
Network equipment, in particular switching and transmission equipment.
Optical switching (and transmission).

When you have an idea about the Supervisor, you have an INSTRUCTOR, you have carefully read all the instructions and methodological guides (also those referred to underneath) and you have a clear or at least a preliminary proposal about the topic and the research problem, you are welcome to come to the reception of the professor or to contact him by e-mail. If you can not cristallize a clear definition of the research problem together with your instructor, also in that case you can contact your professor to get the ball rolling.

Please not that a prerequisite for starting the thesis project is completion of all courses in the basic part of your studies and 140 cu all together in your OREK.

Besides writing the thesis, an integral part of completing the thesis project is giving a thesis presentation in the thesis seminar. You will give the seminar lecture when you have essentially finished your work(consult your professor to give you permission). Similarly, another integral part of completing the thesis project is writing a maturity test. Foreign students can write the test either in English, Swedish or Finnish. Finnish students write it in their mother tong (Finnish or Swedish).

For writing a master thesis we have laboratory`s instructions and a methodological guide at the ECE department. Read also these these instructions. Some additional advice is available on the www page of prof Kantola.

Networking laboratory is now part of Department of Communications and Networking. Content on this page may be obsolete.

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