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DISTANCE is a three year research project, 2007-2009, funded by the Academy of Finland.

The project studies generic support for application-specific functions in intermediate nodes in Delay-tolerant Networking (DTN) environments. Concrete examples include the distributed storage and retrieval of contents using hints from the application as well as opportunistic support for application-specific routing and forwarding policies.



Journal Papers

  1. M. Pitkänen and J. Ott, Enabling Opportunistic Storage for Mobile DTNs, Journal on Pervasive and Mobile Computing, Elsevier, to appear, 2008 (link)(bib)

Conference Papers

  1. F. Ekman, A. Keränen, J. Karvo and J. Ott, Working Day Movement Model, in MobilityModels'08, 2008, Hong Kong (pdf)(bib)
  2. M. Pitkänen, A. Keränen and J. Ott, Message Fragmentation in Opportunistic DTNs, in Proceedings of the Second WoWMoM Workshop on Autonomic and Opportunistic Communications (AOC) 2008, 2008 (pdf)(bib)
  3. J. Karvo and J. Ott, Time Scales and Delay-Tolerant Routing Protocols, in Proc. CHANTS'08, 2008, San Francisco, CA, USA (bib)
  4. M. Pitkänen and J. Ott, Redundancy and distributed caching in mobile DTNs, in Proc. Second ACM SIGCOMM Workshop on Mobility in the Evolving Internet Architecture, 2007, Montreal (pdf)(bib)
  5. T. Hyyryläinen, T. Kärkkäinen, C. Luo, V. Jaspertas, J. Karvo and J. Ott, Opportunistic Email Distribution and Access in Challenged Heterogeneous Environments, in CHANTS Workshop, 2007 (pdf)(bib)
  6. J. Ott and M. Pitkänen, DTN-based Content Storage and Retrieval, in The First IEEE WoWMoM Workshop on Autonomic and Opportunistic Communications (AOC), 2007 (pdf)(bib)

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