PAN-NET - Performance Analysis of New Networking Technologies


PAN-NET is a three-year project, started in 2004, in which selected topical problems of novel networking concepts are analysed. This project continues the work of the Tekes projects COST-279 in 2001-2003. In PAN-NET, the international dimension is further strengthened and extended through the participation of the VTT and TKK research teams in the Network of Excellence Euro-NGI that started in December 2003.

PAN-NET is a joint project between the teletraffic theory groups at VTT Information Technology and Networking Laboratory of the Helsinki University of Technology (HUT). The administration is coordinated by VTT and funding for the project is/has been provided by:

International collaboration

One important forum for dissemination of the results from the project is the European COST 279 project. This is the latest in a series of COST Actions and is titled "Analysis and Design of Advanced Multiservice Networks supporting Mobility, Multimedia and Internetworking". It is a 4 year project that started in June 2001. The COST Actions on traffic theory began in the mid 80's with COST 214, which was followed by COST 224, COST 242 and COST 257. COST 279 has participants from most of Europe's leading universities and research institutes. COST-279 will end in summer 2005. A follow-up COST action proposal will probably be prepared to start in 2006, but its focus has not yet been specified.

The people working in the project will also be actively involved in The Network of Excellence Euro-NGI, "Design and Engineering of the Next Generation Internet", which was launched in December 2003. It aims at deepening integration of European research activities centred around the design of the future Internet. It has 58 partner institutions from 19 countries, including Russia, Greece, Romania and Israel that do not participate in COST-279.

Current research activities

The research activities currently included in the project are:

The list of publications produced in the HUT sub-project is available here.

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