Optical Access Networking - OAN

1. OAN in General

Optical Access Networking (OAN) was a three year project carried out in collaboration between VTT and HUT. The project started in February 2001 and ended in February 2004. The research concerned all-optical WDM network technologies, especially optical access networks. The research conducted at HUT dealt mainly with network level problems.

The project was mainly funded by Tekes and supported by two industrial partners: Nokia Research Center and Elisa Communications.

2. Research Tasks at HUT

The research plan of the HUT team encompassed two areas. The first one dealt with the allocation of network resources, e.g. how to configure lightpath requests in order to minimize the expected blocking probabilities, or how to configure lightpaths so that the configuration of the logical layer would be efficient. The logical topology design problem was also studied further with a aim to find practical algorithms which take into account future changes in traffic and survivability issues.

The other research topic focused on optical packet switching. The objective was to study traffic problems emerging in this context and to compare different technical solutions. In particular, the performance of optical burst switching and its parameter optimization were studied by simulations. In the area of optical burst switching the work was extended to concern MAC protocols in optical access networks with ring topology.

3. Personnel

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