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MoMI II is an academic project of Helsinki University of Technology, Finland. MoMI II takes a techno-economic standpoint on the evolution of the mobile service market.

Consumer studies, diffusion research and many topical business issues have been studied with Nokia, Elisa, DNA Finland, AinaCom, Accenture, YLE, Sanoma, and Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications. There is ongoing collaboration with many foreign universities (e.g. MIT/USA and Waseda/Japan).

MoMI II continues the past LEAD, COIN, and MoMI in the techno-economic modeling of the communications industry. The principal objective of the project is to conduct academic research in modeling the rapidly transforming industry. Pioneering data analysis and close collaboration with industry stakeholders are the competitive advantages of MoMI.
What's New?

MoMI / MoMI II projects have ended. The work continues in the MoMIE project during 2011-2012.

New project reports published:

Riikonen, A. (2011). Mobile Handset Population in Finland 2005-2010. Report: pdf

Riikonen, A. (2010). Mobile Handset Population in Finland 2005-2009. Report: pdf

Riikonen, A., Kivi, A. (2009). IP Traffic Measurements 2008. Report: pdf

Kivi, Antero (2009). Mobile Handset Population in Finland 2005-2008. Report: pdf

Uronen, Matti. (2008). Market Segmentation Approaches in the Mobile Service Business. Master's thesis. MoMI / TKK Networking Laboratory, 2008.

Verkasalo, H. 2008. Dynamics of Mobile Service Adoption. A book chapter, published in Advances in E-Business Research (AEBR), US, 2008, Edited by Professor In Lee.

Verkasalo, H. 2008. Analysis of the Forces Reshaping the Mobile Internet Business. Forthcoming in International Journal of Interdisciplinary Telecommunications and Networking.

Context of Research

MoMI project models the usage of mobile Internet and business. The business dynamics of the rapidly transforming mobile industry are analyzed with various modeling tools. The project collects empirical data on the Finnish mobile market using novel research methods. Quantitative and qualitative models are constructed based on the data. In particular, emerging consumer Internet services are studied from a techno-economic perspective. The evolution of mobile business models is a central part of our research on new services dynamics.

The strengths of the project include the novelty of the used empirical research methods, close collaboration with a high number of Finnish mobile industry partners already committed to the project plan, and collaborative research initiatives with some of the leading universities in the world, including MIT (USA), University of Athens (Greece), Helsinki School of Economics (Finland), Chalmers (Sweden) and WASEDA (Japan). In addition, the project has linkages with InHoNets (Tekes/GIGA), OtaSizzle (TKK), Econ@Tel (COST) and DECICOM (Tekes). The project builds on the results of the LEAD and COIN projects that initiated the longitudinal analysis of the Finnish mobile market in 2004-2007, the value of which is increasing as more datasets become available in the future.

MoMI/MoMI II 2008-2010
MoMI/MoMI II 2008-2010