QoSR (QoS Routing) in ns-2


We have carried out work on QoSR in past years, where we see a need for an open simulation tool. ns-2 is widely used for research study in QoS area so that we can save cost on developing other QoS related components. We focus on developing QoS routing functionalities in NS-2, on which to study new routing mechanisms for future IP networks in general.

Our work comprises of the following sub-fields at least


There are some source codes for downloading. However, we note that we donot guarantee the use of these software. Most of them are still under test.


We carried out the work in cooperation with Indian Institute of Technology. We thank Prof. Sukumar Nandi, Amardeep Sigh, Mohammad Hassan and Shree for their kind cooperation and valuable cooperation.

Any ideas or suggestions, please email to pgzhang@tct.hut.fi.

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