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Fancy - Flow-Aware Networking: Applications and Analysis



Fancy is a 3 year project (2005-2007) funded by the Academy of Finland.


Traffic engineering and quality of service provisioning of the Internet, both in wired and wireless environment, are calling for new solutions as the current approaches have fallen short of expectations. Simplicity and robustness are the key objectives. Flow-aware networking has been suggested as an approach meeting these goals; traffic controls are applied at flow level while traffic flows are classified only into two broad categories: streaming and elastic flows.

Remarkable and unexpected changes in the traffic pattern of the Internet have taken place in a relatively short time: the appearance of peer-to-peer applications is a major paradigm shift and will create a lot of research problems both with regard to network provisioning, cross-layer optimisation and the internal performance issues on the application layer. This area is certainly becoming an important research topic for the years to come.

This project will concentrate on three research topics:

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