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Modem pools of Helsinki University of Technology

About modem pools (staff/students)

The capacity of HUT staff modem pool was 120 simultaneous connections (2 * Portmaster 3) until the end of April 1998. Since then the staff pool capacity has been 60 connections (only one Portmaster 3).

The student modem pool capacity was 60 simultaneous connections (48 modem connections and 12 ISDN -connections) until the end of April 1998. Since then the student pool capacity has been 180 connections (3 * Portmaster 3).

About the statistics and the call tariffs of Helsinki Telephone Corporation

Note ! The Figures from October 1997 and January 1998 are from the time when the staff modem pool capacity was 120 connections and the student pool capacity was 60 connections. The May 1998, June 1998 and September 1998 statistics are from the new system where the staff modem pool capacity is 60 connections and the student pool capacity is 180 connections.

In addition to these changes in the pool capacities, the pricing policy of Helsinki Telephone Corporation has changed. Until March 18, 1998 there was just a fixed charge per call during evening time and weekends. However, since March 18, 1998 the tariff has been the following:

In May 1999 the call tariffs will change again. The new tariffs will be: It will be interesting to see, how this change will affect on evening and weekend holding times. Probably people wont hang up after every 30 minutes (like they do now) any more.

Modem pool traffic statistics

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