Project AHRAS concentrates on the routing and other traffic related issues in wireless ad hoc networks. The project started in 2001 and it is funded by the Finnish Defence Forces Technical Research Centre.

In 2002, studies concerning energy constrained routing for multicast traffic were continued. The related optimization problem was formulated and an algorithm to solve the problem was generated. The computational complexity of this solution is, however, so demanding that heuristic methods are needed in practice. Such methods were developed. The connectivity and reliability problems were also studied. More precisely, the statistical behaviour of the threshold range for k-connectivity in a square with uniform node distribution was explored by simulations. In this context, new algorithms to find the corresponding threshold range were developed. The third topic was the development of an ad hoc network simulator (operating at a highly abstract level) for the studies related to routing and connectivity in a mobile environment.

Another ad hoc networks project in the laboratory is called NAPS - Networking and Architecture for Proactive Systems (NAPS) - Traffic management in ad hoc networks. See NAPS homepage

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