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S-38.3193 Wireless Networks (3 ECTS)

Period I; 2007


The objective of the course is that the student


All lectures will be held in Finnish. Lectures held

The lecture schedule is tentative and can change while the course is proceeding.

Day Topic
10.9. Introduction. Basic problems and cellular architecture
12.9.No lecture
17.9. GSM
19.9. GSM data services and GPRS
24.9. GPRS, UMTS history
26.9. UMTS R99 + evolution
1.10. UMTS security, TETRA
3.10. Wireless Local Area Networks I
8.10. Wireless Local Area Networks II, Wireless Personal Area Networks I
10.10. Wireless Personal Area Networks II, Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks, Hybrid networks, UMA
15.10. Multi-hop Networks I
17.10. Multi-hop Networks II

Passing the course

For successfully passing the course you need to succesfully pass the exam. See the exam dates from the official exam lists of the department.

Exam questions will be provided both in Finnish and English.


The course prerequisite is basic understanding of both telecommunications and datacommunications (S-38.2188 and its prerequisites).

Course material

Lecture notes are delivered through Edita. As the lecture notes as such are not fully self-explanatory, the student needs to find additional material to fully understand the topics. The lecture notes are written in English. The course exam questions are based on the material on the lecture notes.

No slides are provided.

Additional material that can be used includes but is not restricted to

The Internet


More information

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