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Internet Traffic Measurements and Measurement Analysis (4 ECTS) - Period 4/2006

Last minute notices

Always check schedule! Schedule last modified:Monday, 08-May-2006 13:10:07 EEST

15.9.2005This page opened. Material not yet available and all information highly tentative
15.12.2005Information updated. Lecture topics converge.
22.02.2006Information updated. Details are sorting out.
09.03.2006Enroll to the course via WWWTopi
09.03.2006You can also enroll to the final exam via WWWTopi
09.03.2006Exercise procedure determined. First exercise published. A lot of the practical exercise arrangements still a little shady.
09.03.2006First lecture slides also available.
10.03.2006/13.3.2006First four exercise dates are set. Please note that there is limited seating space available. Sign in, using WWWTopi.
13.03.2006Second lecture slides available.
15.03.2006Improved Chapter 2
16.03.2006Update on the schedule due to easter holiday!
20.03.2006Slight corrections to trace-files. Exercise notes available.
21.03.2006First four exercises and first seven lectures published (Mika's part of the course). Minor updates to lecture slides are still expected.
27.03.2006Tips to improve your exercise results. Constant updates expected to these tips, be sure to check every now and then. Tips last modified:Friday, 31-Mar-2006 10:48:01 EEST
3.4.2006New measurement data available. Exercise 3 has been modified. Exercise 3 deadline extended to April 9th.
3.4.2006Preliminary exercise results and commentary.
3.5.2006Final exercise results as of May 3rd.
3.5.2006Course feedback is highly appreciated!


Lectures and exercises are held by


  1. 4 ECTS = about 12 lectures ja 4-6 exercises.
  2. Schedule.
  3. Lectures on thursdays in S3, lectures start on March 16th. Last lecture on May 27th.
  4. Exercise lectures (first four, at least) on Mondays in various locations at various times, presence not required but highly recommended.
  5. Enroll to course and exercises via wwwtopi to receive last-minute updates by email.
  6. All exercise reports must be returned on May 27th by 2pm. We suggest you return the exercise reports before the next exercise begins.
  7. Final examination on May 10th from 9-12 at S3.

Goals of the course

Core knowledge

Knowledge presented in the list below describes the must know -level of this course. These are the things you should know to even successfully pass the course. Note, that some of these things you may very well know before the course.


Prerequisite for the course is basic understanding of the operation of TCP/IP networks. Courses like S-38.188 and S-38.121 provide you with necessary and adequate background. Due to the analytical nature in this course you should have your basic knowledge of statistics and statistical analysis. Finally minor scripting and programming skills (awk, tcl, c) are required as well as experience on using mathematical tools in Matlab, for instance. Prerequisites are not checked, but to take the course succesfully requires solid knowledge of these topics.


Lectures are given in Finnish and all materials are in English. Lectures and exercises are held according to the schedule. Lectures are held in lecture hall S3 and exercises in various locations.

Lectures are held on thursdays starting 16.03.2006, in lecture hall S3.


This course has four to six exercises as indicated in the course schedule. Each of them has to be passed in order to be able to pass the course. We recommend that you return the exercise report before the next exercise. This gives you one week's time to complete the exercise. The hard deadline for all exercise reports is May xxth at 4pm All reports returned after the hard deadline are automatically rejected. The due date is strictly observed. Exercise reports must be returned in PDF-format.

Exercises are held on mondays (for the first four exercises). Exercise sessions have two hour duration focusing on what is the obejctive (not how we get there).

Final examination

A final examination needs to be taken to determine your 65% of the course grade. The final exam has to be passed in order to pass the course. Exam is on 2006-05-10 9-12 S3.

Course grading

To pass the course, one must have all exercises passed and graded. Exercises are graded either fail / pass / pass with distinction). Each exercise that is passed with distinction gives you 1 point ahead. These points may be used to replace the poorest answer in the final exam.

Course grade is based on exam result. There will be 5 questions to answer in the final exam. Exercise points will replace points for the worst answer (assuming that exercise points are higher).

Exercise reports and exam answers may be in English in addition to official languages in Finland if you are not native speaker of either one.


Course material consist of the following:

All materials are downloadable only from course web pages. Note that printing with HUT printer is strictly forbidden.

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