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S-38.121 Routing in Communication Networks (2 cr)

Fall 2002

Latest news


(3.6) The results of the exam 15.5.2003 are available on the exam page.
(3.2) The results of the exam 9.1.2003 are published in the corridor and on the web page exam.
(19.11) The exam results (published in the corridor), grading principle and model answer for the exam can be found on the web page 'Examination'.
            The reception time for exam and exercises grading will be at 11:00-13:00 on Thuesday 21.11.
            Places: Teacher's office SE327 for the exam; Assistant's office SI336 for the exercises.
(11.11) Exercise result  is published, check the web page ‘Exercises’.
(30.10) Answer the question ‘How to prepare for the examination’. See the web page Exam.
(28.10) Please check the patch of solution 4. It helps you to understand the addresses allocation in CIDR and clarify the method of calculating IP prefix. Sorry to cause your confusion and to occupy your time due to the unpractical question 3.
New material is available. The slides are now in color and the latest (very small) updates are included.
Please check the updated chapter numbers (now the numbers of both 1st and 2nd editions are given). The material about multicasting includes the overviews of two specifications.
(8.10) In order to use Huitema's book as much as possible in planning the new subjects instead of using small sections of many books, the course material is extended.
(8.10) The exercise lecture in 9.10 morning is cancelled. And the exercise 4 is postponed to be published.
The model answer is updated for question 1b) and 3c), which are highlighted in Blue color. Sorry to make anybody confusion with previous version of answers. And the formular to calculate the extra grades
is modified, see below. The new one should be more fair because of the different amount of total points in each exercise.
(1.10) The points of the exercise 1 is published. And the exercise lectures start at 8:30 if no especial notification.
(24.9) The exercise lecture on Wednesday morning will start at 8:30.
(20.9) Finnish version of slides are available on web.
(18.9.2002) Exercise 1 is published in the web, which deadline is 25.9 at 8:00 before the beginning of the exercise lecture 1. English lecture slides are published.
(17.9.2002, 16:21) Time is switched between the lecture and the exercises for the rest of the course. The lecture is Wed 14-16 in S3 and the exercise Wed 8-10 in S4.
(17.9.2002. 14:11) The first exercise lecture is about introduction and to show questions of homework 1 with some demo. If no special notification, the exercise lecture is held on Wednesday morning 8-10 in hall S4.
(16.9.2002) The course handouts (via Edita) are in Finnish. The English slides are available on this web-page.
(10.9.2002) The first lecture will be held on Wednesday at 14:00-16:00 in Hall S3. The lecture replaces the excercise on 11.9, and there is NO lecture in the morning 8:00 - 10:00.

General information

The course covers routing at the functional level in the circuit and packet switched networks. In particular, we will learn about the routing algorithms and some of the routing protocols that form the foundation of the Internet.
The lectures will be held in Finnish; the slides in the lectures will be published both in Finnish and in English, the materials and exercises in English.


oRegistration: Topi In case of problems, send registration information to the assistant.via email.
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