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All over IP

Released: December 2000

Susanna Valkonen
Jean-Luc Lamadon
Fabien Rapin

Department of Electrical and Communications Engineering
Helsinki University of Technology


Nowadays, Telecommunication and datacommunication networks are converging. This means that real-time is invading datacom networks, while data are broadcasted on telecom networks. One of the keys to achieve this convergence is called "All over IP". The idea is to use the now famous Internet Protocol, to improve it, so it becomes suitable for multimedia applications.



  1. Very brief history of telecoms & datacoms (Fabien)
    1. Telecommunication networks
    2. Datacommunication networks
  2. The Internet Protocol (Jean-Luc)
    1. First generation: IP version 4
      1. Aim of Ipv4
      2. IP wide usage
      3. Shortcomings related to IPv4 protocol
    2. Next generation: IP version 6 (Fabien)
      1. Aim of IPv6 from multimedia point of view
      2. Why is IPv6 more efficient than IPv4?
        1. Performance point of view
        2. Network Service
        3. Addressing flexibility
  3. Services (Susanna)
    1. What is already in use over Ipv4
    2. What will be available (or better implemented) over Ipv6
      1. IP Telephone 
      2. Video telephone 
      3. Everywhere 
  4. References

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