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Annual Report 1998

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This was a year of continued expansion and stabilization of the work in the laboratory after the new professors were appointed in 1996 and 1997. The personnel grew from 25 to 30. Our international contacts in research and education strengthened. An indication of this process is that during the year we had a number of visitors. Attila Vidács, a Ph.D. student from the Technical University of Budapest joined the Laboratory to do research for his thesis. In September, we welcomed professor Vinod Sharma, from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, for a visit. Three exchange students from Valencia Technical University were working on their final projects in the laboratory. In the Spring we visited the Telecommunications Laboratory at the Tallinn Technical University and hosted a return visit of professors Ots, Schults and Meister to our Laboratory.

A staff member of the Laboratory, Samuli Aalto, and a Dr.Tech. student, Marko Silventoinen, successfully defended their dissertations. The number of publications by the research staff of the laboratory experienced a substantial growth reflecting the maturation of our research groups.

Telecommunications Forum, the Studia Generalia on hot topics in Telecommunications, was organised for the second time. Although not compulsory for any of the subjects taught by the University, the course gathered audiences of up to more than 200 people and was sent over the network to half a dozen sites in Finland. The Forum has established itself as an important means of continuing the dialogue between the University and the Telecommunications service, software and equipment industries.

We continued to develop our own activities by organising development days where we discussed working atmosphere in general, teaching and reviewed our own results. During the year the renovation of the student laboratory infrastructure was also completed.

We also continued our cooperation with the Communications Laboratory within the framework of the Telecommunications Institute. The Laboratory of Acoustics and Audio Signal Processing joined the Institute. In terms of our department and university wide activities we were active in the discussions on the new study structure for the Basic and Option studies at the ECE Department. We continued to take part in the preparation of the Master's Programme in Telecommunications - the first degree programme at HUT specifically set up for English-speaking students.

I want to take the opportunity and thank all the staff of laboratory and our partners in the Industry, particularly those who gave talks and lessons in our courses, for their contributions in research and education.

Raimo Kantola


The annual report is also available in PDF (188K) and PostScript (1.9M) format.

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