Jugi's Traffic Generator (jtg)

Jugi's Traffic Generator (jtg) is a Linux traffic generator. jtg is written in C and designed for the Linux platform, it might compile on other Unix platforms, too. jtg is used to send IP traffic, UDP, TCP and nowadays even DCCP streams, one at a time, to a receiver. A number of parameters can be used to affect the type of stream and the accuracy of the transmission. jtg was originally designed for creating a primary stream to be analyzed in network experiments, background load would be created by other means, e.g. using MGEN. Nowadays, jtg can also be used to generate background load, too, by giving a trace file of packet sizes and intervals. jtg has developed a lot in the recent years, and is also available in Java with a command line and graphical user interface. The C-version also has a graphical user interface that supports most common parameters.

The various various baseline code and extensions of jtg are here:

Implemented but to be added later