Faster Queues for Big Data (FQ4BD)

Site of research: Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering
Department of Communications and Networking
Duration: 24 months (1.1.2016-31.12.2017)
Funded by: Academy of Finland

In recently emerging computing paradigms, three distinct features can be identified: (i) more detailed in- formation is available per job (e.g., server-specific service times), (ii) this information must be utilized in real-time, and (iii) the systems must scale (cf. massive data centers). Also heterogeneity in types of jobs and servers is increasing. This project focuses on the performance analysis and optimization of the parallel computing schemes such as MapReduce. Vast amounts of digital information are frequently processed, the so-called big data, and our aim is to develop theoretical understanding on how such stochastic systems can be analyzed and optimized. The new computing paradigms, where even the notion of a job is far more complex than it used to be, require the development of new stochastic tools that faciliate the analysis. In particular, we do not study, e.g., any particular data mining problem or algorithm, but seek a better understanding of processing concurrent (sets of) jobs efficiently in order to meet often strict deadlines, thereby advancing the field as a whole.


Large-scale Server Systems, Data centers, Cloud computing, MapReduce, Big Data
historical development.
Fig. 1: Evolution of stochastic models and their ICT applications.

Research visits



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