Note! This project has already ended (31.12.2004)

FIT - Future Internet: Traffic Handling and Performance Analysis (2001-2004)



FIT (Future Internet: traffic handling and performance analysis) project was a 3 year project (2001-2004) funded by the Academy of Finland. It belonged to the TELECTRONICS II research programme initiated by the Academy of Finland and it formed a continuation of the successful COM2 project.


The growth and development of the Internet over the past years have exceeded all expectations. The Internet is becoming the 'de facto' standard on which the broadband networks of the future, with their expected and unexpected applications, will be based.

On a technical level, the diversity of applications has created requirements for the Internet to become a multiservice network, with support for service differentiation, mobility and multicasting. On the other hand, operators have begun to see the Internet as a business opportunity, which creates its own requirements. This has raised new challenging issues that need to be dealt with:

Within the IETF, DiffServ and IntServ architectures have been proposed to address the QoS problems. Also, over the past few years the teletraffic research community has been increasingly turning its research interests into the above mentioned Internet related performance issues. In this project we study several topical problems in this area.

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