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S-38.3151 Delay-tolerant Networking (DTN) - 3 ECTS



DTN is an emerging research area that takes a different approach to (inter)networking and allows to work in stressed as well as in highly heterogeneous environments. DTN features a number of unique properties which make this concept applicable to challenged networking environments in which traditional communication paradigms would fail or perform rather poorly: DTN uses only communication based upon asynchronous messaging, does not rely on the existence of an end-to-end path at any point in time, and combines store-and-forward message delivery with physical data carriage. DTN technologies may be applied for challenged static network setups (including, for example inter-planetary or underwater communications) but is also applied to (sparse) mobile ad-hoc networks to enable communications. Deterministic and/or probabilistic routing mechanisms are applied depending on the respective environment. This course will introduce the fundamentals of this relatively young research are and explore some specific aspects in (practical) assignments.

The course will combine lectures with two assignments.


For questions concerning the course, please use the Newsgroup opinnot.sahko.s-38.tietoverkkotekniikka or send mail to

Lectures and exercises

Lectures will be held: Monday 10 - 12 (I346) and Tuesday 12 - 14 (I346).

The lectures, exercises, and the exam will in English language.

Requirements and grading

To pass the course, the two assignments must be completed and the written exam must be passed.

Time Table

Week Monday Tuesday
8.9.-13.9. Introduction and Motivation DTN Architecture
14.9.-20.9. The Bundle Protocol Convergence Layers
DTN Reference Implementations
21.9.-27.9. Mobility models & simulations Introduction to Routing
28.9.-4.10. The ONE Simulator Routing I
5.10.-11.10. Routing II Multicast and Broadcast
12.10.-19.10. Security Protocols
19.10.-25.10. Real-world applications Conclusion
Questions and Answers
Exam on Friday 30.10.


The lecture material (slides) will be available in digital format (PDF) from this web page.

As DTN is a new field of research, there is only one book on the topic. You may purchase this book, but all the required material for the course will be available on the slides and in research papers.

The book

RFCs and Internet-Drafts



Routing: Multicast and Broadcast Security Application Protocol Design

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