Title: Protocols and Algorithms for Adaptive Multimedia Applications


  1. Repository created: 01.04.2013
  2. Reviews: September 2013, March 2014
  3. Pre-examination: April-June 2014
  4. Publication approved: July 2014
  5. Defense date: TBD

The thesis is writen as a collection of research articles. It differs significantly from the monograph form; because it contains a summary which binds the peer-reviewed articles and is therefore less dense (~80 pages). Consequently, the author (that's me) needs to precisely point out their contributions.

My thesis covers the following topics:

  • Error-resilience and Congestion control algorithms for Interactive Multimedia
  • Network-assisted cues for congestion control
  • Multipath RTP to enable multihoming, mobility and overlays
Complete list of publications are available here.

Products and Technologies that benefit from this are:

  • WebRTC P2P video communication
  • Telepresence and Asymmetric video conferencing
  • Live-streaming (DASH, HLS, RTSP 2.0,...)


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