Congestion Control for Interactive Multimedia

Simulation results

  1. Singh V. Fairness of RRTCC with short TCP flows; [Results]
  2. ConMon is a passive congestion monitor to classify packets as:
    incoming, outgoing, cross traffic for overall, UDP, TCP, RTP, local, external flows.
    [Fork on Github | Example results: here, here, here]


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Circuit breaker

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Other Work

  1. [Colin's CC Resources]
  2. IETF WG: RTP Media Congestion Avoidance Techniques; [RMCAT]
  3. TFRC for RTP; [IETF]
  4. RRTCC: Receiver-side Real-Time Congestion Control; [IETF]
  5. Experimental Investigation of the Google Congestion Control for Real-Time Flows; L. De Cicco, G. Carlucci, and S. Mascolo, ACM SIGCOMM 2013 Workshop on Future Human-Centric Multimedia Networking, Hong Kong, China [PDF]
  6. Upcoming conferences:; (papers are yet to be published): [Capacity Sharing 2013, Packet Video 2013 ]
  7. DFlow: Minimise delay and loss by using delay-based techniques; [IETF]
  8. H.264/AVC Over IP; [PDF]