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Markus Peuhkuri

Basic info

I was born in Mayday 1970. My studies started at Joensuu, from where I came to study at HUT.

Info about what I'm now doing for living, can be found from my researcer's page.

My family

My wife Katri works as a researcher also, she studied gastrointessinal pharmacology in Helsinki University. She came up with Ph.D thesis. You can make youself familar with her earlier writing talents by reading her book Ruoka-aineallergia ja -yliherkkyys (In Finnish, about food allergy).

We have two children:

Other relatives

My younger sister, Lea, has a web personality too. My other sister, Ruut, and my brother, Vesa, have not got into information age yet (or are too busy to make web pages; maybe they doing some real work?).

My interests

Some ways to contact me

The best way to contact me is to use email with address puhuri@iki.fi, but there are other ways also.

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