* A student preparing Master's thesis shall give an oral
  presentation on his/her work when the work is nearly
  complete, but before applying for approval of the work.

* The goal of the seminar presentation is to give the student
  an opportunity to show that he/she is able to present his/her
  work in a concise form, within given time limits, and use
  appropriate audiovisual aids. At the same time, the student
  has an opportunity to get feedback on his/her work.

* The time reserved for the presentation is 20 minutes
  (the time is shorter than you may think!).

* The presenter has to make 10 paper copies of the slides
  to be distributed at the seminar.

* The material has to be planned for a 20 min presentation.
  For completeness, there may be more slides (e.g. curves)
  but then all of them are not presented. The slides have to
  contain at least the following information:
  - the title of the work, the names of the student and the
    supervisor, the place where the work was carried out
  - outline (table of contents) of the presentation
  - the background and the problem studied in the work
  - the methods used
  - most important results
  - conclusions and possible future work
  There must be enough text so that the main ideas become
  clear also to a person who doesn't hear the presentation.

* The slides are prepared in the format of either a *.pdf
  (recommended) or *.ppt file. For the archival and public
  display of the slides on the web, the file shall be
  given on a diskette in the seminar or sent by email
  to irma.planman@hut.fi. Name the file according to the rule:
  surname_ddmmyy.pdf (or .ppt), where ddmmyy is the date
  of the seminar.