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I am offering a range of subjects in the context of my research interests listed above for special assignments and master theses. While I also accept theoretical work and simulations, my focus is clearly on engineering, meaning that I expect a workable product (e.g., a piece of code running on a PC or an embedded device). Hence, you may require well-developed coding, debugging, and possibly other practical skills. For practical reasons, I can only supervise theses that are written in English language.

Your thesis can also be connected to your day job in a company. It just should fit roughly into my general field of Internet technologies, communications, and distributed systems.

Important: For writing a thesis, the general rules of Comnet apply. Please take particular note of the thesis process instructions and the thesis content guidelines. Please also note that you are expected to have completed your special assignment before embarking on an MSc thesis.

Interest areas and topics

I am offering thesis topics in general in my areas of research, sometimes in the context of specific research topics, sometimes to start exploring new areas. Overall, I live somewhere between the networking and the application layer, but my interests also include the political and financial layers to some extent. The topic areas include but are surely not limited to (in no specific order):

This list is naturally incomplete and out-of-date. So, please contact me also on related topics.

PhD and Licentiate Theses

  1. Ermias Andargie Walelgne: Performance and Usage Patterns of Mobile Networks. PhD thesis, Aalto University, Comnet, November 2021. (co-supervised with Prof. Jukka Manner)
  2. Teemu Kärkkäinen: Opportunistic Networking Applications: From Theory to Practice. PhD thesis, Aalto University, Comnet, July 2021.
  3. Alemnew Asrese: Web Quality of Experience Measurement: Metrics, Methods and Tools. PhD thesis, Aalto University, Comnet, July 2021.
  4. Michael Haus: Edge-Driven Proximity Service Platform for the Internet of Things in Indoor Environments. PhD thesis, Technical University of Munich, Department of Computer Science, March 2021.
  5. Saba Ahsan: Video Streaming Transport: Measurements and Advances. PhD thesis, Aalto University, Comnet, February 2020.
  6. Marcin Nagy: Secure and Usable Services in Opportunistic Networks. PhD thesis, Aalto University, Comnet, June 2019.
  7. Roberto Morabito: On the usage of lightweight virtualization technologies in IoT and edge computing scenarios. PhD thesis, Aalto University, Comnet, April 2019.
  8. Petri Laari: State-Efficient Forwarding with In-packet Bloom Filters. PhD thesis, Aalto University, Comnet, June 2017.
  9. Varun Singh: Protocols and Algorithms for Adaptive Multimedia Systems. PhD thesis, Aalto University, Comnet, June 2015.
  10. Somaya Arianfar: Revisiting Resource Utilization in the Internet: Architectural Considerations and Challenges. PhD thesis, Aalto University, Comnet, January 2015.
  11. Philip Ginzboorg: Security Mechanisms in Partially Isolated Networks. PhD Thesis, Aalto University, Comnet, May 2014.
  12. Mikko Särelä: BloomCasting for Publish/Subscribe Networks. PhD Thesis, Aalto University, Comnet, June 2011.
  13. Mikko Juhani Pitkänen: Data Availability in Challenging Networking Environments in Presence of Failures. PhD Thesis, Aalto University, Comnet, January 2011.
  14. Mikko Juhani Pitkänen: Managing Data in the Grid and in Challenging Networking Environments. Licentiate Thesis, TKK Comnet, 2008.
  15. Boris Nikolaus: Improving Efficiency and Enhancing Utilizability of Media-on-Demand Systems. Dissertation, Universität Bremen, 2008. (effective supervisor and 2nd reviewer)
  16. Olaf Bergmann: A framework for aggregation of presence information based on user-provisioned rules. Dissertation, Universität Bremen, 2007. (effective supervisor and 2nd reviewer)
  17. Dirk Kutscher: Local Coordination for Interpersonal Communication Systems. Dissertation, Universität Bremen, 2003. (effective supervisor)

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