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VIVALDI - Advancing Interactive Broadband Satellite Access by Optimal Convergence of Session based Services over DVB-RCS

VIVALDI is a two year research project, 2006-2007, funded by the European Commission.

The project develops and validates (call signaling protocol-independent) QoS and admission mechanisms for enabling flexible deployment scenarios of IP telephony bi-directional satellite networks (using DVB-RCS). TKK's focus areas are in protocol analysis, QoS-enabled media stream handlng, and overall testing and validation.

The project VIVALDI homepages.



Conference Papers

  1. T. Kärkkäinen and J. Ott, Flexible QoS Provisioning for SIP Telephony over DVB-RCS Satellite Networks, in Proceedings of the IST Mobile Communication Summit, 2007 (bib)
  2. J. Ott and L. Xiaojun, Disconnection Tolerance for SIP-based Real-time Media Sessions, in International Conference on Mobile Ubiquitous Multimedia (MUM'07), 2007 (bib)

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