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SINDTN is a one year research project, 2007

Security Infrastructure for DTN: A project directly funded from industry on security for DTN applications and DTN-based forwarding in ad-hoc networks and their realization for the DTNRG protocol specifications. The project also investigates leveraging Identity-based Cryptography (IBC) and the 3G infrastructure for mobile user authentication.



Conference Papers

  1. A. Keränen and J. Ott, Increasing Reality for DTN Protocol Simulations, in Submitted for publication (bib)
  2. F. Ekman, A. Keränen, J. Karvo and J. Ott, Working Day Movement Model, in MobilityModels'08, 2008, Hong Kong (pdf)(bib)
  3. N. Asokan, K. Kostiainen, P. Ginzboorg, J. Ott and C. Luo, Applicability of Identity-based Cryptography for Disruption-Tolerant Networking, in Proceedings of the First International MobiSys Workshop on Mobile Opportunistic Networking (MobiOpp), 2007 (bib)
  4. T. Hyyryläinen, T. Kärkkäinen, C. Luo, V. Jaspertas, J. Karvo and J. Ott, Opportunistic Email Distribution and Access in Challenged Heterogeneous Environments, in CHANTS Workshop, 2007 (pdf)(bib)

Other Documents

  1. A. Keränen and J. Ott, Increasing Reality for DTN Protocol Simulations , 2007 (bib)

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