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S-38.3155 Challenged Networks (Postgraduate Seminar)


This seminar addresses communications in networking environments with unusual characteristics, i.e. properties that traditional design of communication protocols has not taken into account. Such "challenged networks" may exhibit, e.g., long communication delays, unpredictable link availability, and may not even provide an end-to-end path at all. These characteristics are partly inherent to certain link layer technologies (e.g. transmission error rate in wireless networks), but mostly stem from specific communication settings and system architectures (e.g. sensor networks connecting underwater equipment or planetary orbits). We will analyze numerous challenged networking environments and their communication characteristics. We will look at novel networking architectures dealing with such specific environments and investigate routing, service, and application aspects of delay-tolerant networking.


Requirements and Grading

The seminar is suitable for postgraduate studies. We will be using papers from well-known conferences, mostly 2005 and 2006. Each topic will require studying, understanding, and synthesizing three papers to present an overview of this topic area and discuss the alternative, competing, and/or complementary views on and approaches to this subject area and compare them.

The requirements for passing the course are:

The language for the seminar is English.

The course will be 3 ECTS points. The grade will be determined based upon the handout and the presentation (50% weight each). The rough grading criteria are

Time Table

The course will be held in two or three blocks in the afternoon to also enable participation from people not spending all of their day at TKK. The number blocks and the number of presentations per block will be adjusted depending on the participation. All course sessions will be held in the lab meeting room (D302).

08.09.2006 (Friday) 16-18 Introduction and Topic Signup
18.10.2006 (Wednesday) 16-20 Topic 1: DTN Concepts for Routing and Multicasting
Presenter: Johanna Heinanen
Opponent: Risto Mononen

Topic 2: Epidemic and Probabilistic Routing
Presenter: Jouni Mäenpää
Opponent: Johanna Heinanen

Topic 5: Human Motion Patterns and Routing
Presenter: Risto Mononen
Opponent: Tuomas Tirronen

Topic 7: Redundancy and Erasure Coding
Presenter: Tuomas Tirronen
Opponent: Jouni Mäenpää

Topics & Material

An initial set of literature for all subjects will be provided (tentatively as shown below). Further background and supporting material (if needed at all) is up to you. Note that many of the links below will only work from the TKK network.

  1. DTN Concepts for Routing and Multicasting
  2. Epidemic and Probabilistic Routing
  3. Opportunistic Routing
  4. Social Networks and Routing
  5. Human Motion Patterns and Routing
  6. Vehicular Routing
  7. Redundancy and Erasure Coding
  8. Network Coding
  9. DTN Broadcasting and Content Distribution

Further subjects can be defined if a need arises, e.g., from the areas:Tetherless Computing Architecture, Message Ferrying, Resources and Capacity, and Applications.

The handouts and the presentation slides will be made available on the web prior to the seminar sessions.

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