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  1. J. Ott, E. Hyytiä, P. Lassila, J. Kangasharju and S. Santra, Floating Content for Probabilistic Information Sharing, Pervasive and Mobile Computing, vol. 7, no. 6, pp. 671-689, 2011 (bib)
    Abstract: Content sharing using personal web pages, blogs, or online social networks is a common means for people to maintain contact with their friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. While such means are essential to overcome distances, using infrastructure services for location-based services may not be desirable. In this paper, we analyze a fully distributed variant of an ephemeral content sharing service, solely dependent on the mobile devices in the vicinity using principles of opportunistic networking. The net result is a best effort service for floating content in which: 1) information dissemination is geographically limited; 2) the lifetime and spreading of information depends on interested nodes being available; 3) content can only be created and distributed locally; and 4) content can only be added, but not explicitly deleted. In this paper, we present our system design, algorithms, and protocol specification in detail. We validate our previous analytical results and assess the performance of floating content in general and especially of different replication and deletion strategies by means of extensive simulations using a map-based mobility model in downtown Helsinki.