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  1. S. Aalto, P. Lassila, P. Savolainen and S. Tarkoma, Segmented P2P Video-on-Demand: Modeling and Performance, in Proceedings of 22nd International Teletraffic Congress (ITC 22), 2010, Amsterdam, the Netherlands (pdf)(bib)
    Abstract: In a segmented peer-to-peer video-on-demand system the video file is split into a number of segments and the downloading of the video file proceeds in a more or less sequential manner from one segment to another (i.e., in stages). We present an analytical fluid model for such systems. Notably, for this model we derive an explicit condition when the system has a unique positive steady-state solution and that the viewing quality is acceptable. The analytical results are complemented with extensive simulations from the corresponding stochastic model, as well as traces from a more realistic BitTorrent simulator.