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  1. J. Nousiainen, P. Lassila and J. Virtamo, Instantaneous Forwarding Capacity under SINR Threshold Interference Model, in Proceedings of 11th Annual Mediterranean Ad Hoc Networking Workshop (Med-Hoc-Net 2012), 2012 (pdf)(bib)
    Abstract: Spatial reuse is a key aspect of wireless network design, and the choice of an appropriate interference model is important for capturing the intrinsic characteristics of such a network. We address the problem of finding optimal transmission modes, and their capacities, in a network consisting of nodes distributed as a spatial Poisson process in an infinite plane, i.e., such combinations of transmitting links that maximize the instantaneous forwarding capacity of the network. A stochastic optimization method called simulated annealing is used to obtain the results. The approach is applied to a SINR threshold interference model that treats the sum of all the other simultaneously transmitted signals as noise. We find out how the maximum capacity behaves for different network densities, signal attenuation coefficients, and thresholds for the required SINR. These numerical results shed light on the spatial reuse problem in wireless multihop networks. We further characterize the asymptotic behavior of the sum capacity of the optimal combination of transmitting links and the fraction of transmitting nodes in the low and high interference regimes.