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  1. P. Lassila and J. Virtamo, Dimensioning of wireless mesh networks with flow-level QoS requirements, Networking Laboratory, Helsinki University of Technology, 2005 (bib)
    Abstract: In this paper we consider optimal dimensioning of wireless mesh networks, which are multihop networks typically used for example as wireless Internet access networks. A particular feature of wireless communications is the impact of signal interference on the capacity, and we present two approaches to the dimensioning problem under a certain interference model. In the first approach, the network is dimensioned such that the capacity meets the stability requirement of the system. Two alternative formulations are provided, which can be both solved as LP problems. In the second approach we augment the optimization problem with a flow-level QoS requirement, namely a minimum requirement on the per flow throughput. The approach relies on results on a recent notion of fair bandwidth sharing known as balanced fairness. Two variants of the optimization problem are given. The first one can be considered a cross-layer model and the latter a traditional layered model. Finally, numerical examples have been provided to illustrate the approaches showing for example that the layered approach indeed overestimates the required amount of capacity.