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  1. P. Lassila and J. Virtamo, Access network dimensioning for elastic traffic based on flow-level QoS, Networking Laboratory, Helsinki University of Technology, 2005 (pdf)(bib)
    Abstract: Network dimensioning for circuit switched networks has long been a well understood problem. However, dimensioning for data traffic, which is by nature elastic, is still an area that is not very well developed. Some work has been recently published addressing data network dimensioning and the present paper presents a survey on these. In our opinion, robustness of the used network models, forming the foundation of any dimensioning methods, is the key issue. Therefore, in this paper we propose the use of models based on the notion of balanced fairness. Dimensioning is important for example in access networks and these models allow simple and explicit evaluation of the performance of tree type access networks. We define the dimensioning problem as an optimization task where the link capacities are chosen such that costs are minimized subject to per-flow constraints on the minimum flow-level throughput. The approach is illustrated through various numerical examples.